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    Production of parts in pipes, wire goods and plastic.

Production of parts in pipes, wire goods and plastic. 2parts ApS has a wide network of professional, stable and competitive suppliers in the Far East, which will enable us over the next few years to develop our lines of business significantly within the following processes:

  • Pipes, in the form of pipe bending and welding.
  • Rolling of pipe lengths, special bending and spirals.
  • Wire goods and rod materials in the form of fixtures, hooks, arches and wire netting.
  • Injection moulding of plastic pieces.

2parts ApS also offers surface treatment of parts, including powder lacquering, galvanising, electro-plating, pickling, glass blowing, grinding, polishing as well as subassembly and final assembly.

2parts ApS’s customers for these processes are located all over Europe in the following industries: automated processes, valve, furniture, cable and agriculture.

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